Natural Beauty

Indoor Garden Planters

Houseplants have long been a popular way to bring color and living beauty into a room, but they have become much more sophisticated in recent decades. While a single plant is beautiful, many gardening shops now sell indoor planters that contain a variety of plants. They combine greenery and flowers to create a pop of color within the foliage, but the effect is harmonious and soothing.

Mixing plants together is not as difficult as it looks, but it does take an eye for detail. Plants that are put together for an indoor garden must have the same requirements for light and water. This allows all the plants to thrive as a group, and it keeps them from dying off. Plants need not come from the same geographical area or continent, and this allows the planter to be creative.

Tropical plants are often used in smaller indoor planters, and this is due to their vibrant colors. The greenery is usually a mixture of light and dark leafy plants that stand out on their own, so adding color is relatively easy. Flowers in tropical arrangements can be purple, red, pink, yellow or orange. Using small flowers provides a variety of focal points within the arrangement, but it also draws the eye when seen from across the room.

Every type of plant has its own particular needs for water, food, warmth and light, so it is important to have the right area in mind when selecting one. It may seem that a tropical planter would need a great deal of light, but many of them actually grow in the shade of large trees. They generally need only periodic watering and most live on particles that float through the air. If the temperature remains constant, they may even continue to bloom throughout the year.