Natural Beauty

Learning How to Time a Garden

There are a wide variety of beautiful plants, supplied by nature, which can be planted in almost every garden. Those new to the art of gardening will often choose what to plant based on the colors they want, but they might be disappointed their first year when not all their plants bloom at the same time. One must take into account the time frame of when plants bloom to get the effect they seek and learning about the different types of plants is the best place to begin.

Many plants have a limited amount of time when they bloom, so it is important to find out before garden planning begins. Many bulbs will grow quickly when the soil warms, and they can make the early spring look like a fairy tale landscape. Unfortunately, their blooming time is generally over after a month or two, and they will fade into greenery before the summer begins.

Roses have been an integral part of many gardens, but they generally do not bloom until full summer graces the landscape with warmth and gentle rains. They require time to grow new foliage as well as their buds, but their beauty can last well into the autumn if the plants are deadheaded on a regular basis. Gardeners who have taken a class on growing roses will be able to prolong the beauty of their plants for several seasons, and their garden will benefit from the colors they present.

Cooler weather is not usually associated with gardening, but there are many plants that will bloom only after the heat of summer has left the area. Mums are a good plant to mix into a garden that might begin to look like a mass of solid greenery as the cold approaches, and a good gardener will find a perfect place for them to add their colorful splendor as the leaves fall and the gardening season ends.