The Art in Nature

Water Features in the Landscape

Natural Beauty

Planning a garden is often one of the most satisfying experiences people have. It combines a love and knowledge of planting with artistic creativity. It occasionally attempts to mimic the works of nature. For those that feel this is an important part of a garden, including a water feature or two is necessary. Water flow keeps plants, bushes and trees healthy. Small brooks and ponds are often part of the beauty of nature. Miniature waterfalls over rocks are often seen as natural works of art. Including these types of features in a garden or landscape brings in another artistic angle for the gardener.

Waterfalls have often fascinated people. Watching water sluice down rocks until it falls freely has long been an attraction for many. It is no wonder that creating small waterfalls in a garden is seen as an important feature. Not only does the water add visual beauty, it creates a beautiful sound as it falls. The delicacy of this natural phenomenon becomes a work of art.

Streams and ponds are also beautiful when viewed. Streams often flow through small rocky areas and have their own distinct sound. When they are recreated in a garden setting, the flowers and bushes surrounding them create a paradise of beauty for the eye to admire. Adding a pond is a way to display the beauty of nature’s creatures. Fish, frogs and water lilies together create a picture that has already been painted, but is never the same twice.

Fountains are one more way to add water to a garden area. These pieces are often art work before the water is added. Once the water does flow, they become an integrated part of the beautiful landscape and garden. They add their own visual beauty as well as sound notes to the art that is the garden.