Natural Beauty

Embellishing Garden Walls

Many homes have enclosed gardens, and climbing plants such as ivy have long been used to make them look like a part of nature. Newer homes tend to use wooden fences to create garden walls, and homeowners have been looking for ways to blend them into the garden. Hanging pots and planters on walls and fences is the latest way to create decoration in this setting, and it is growing in popularity with home gardeners.

Embellishing a garden is easy if there are sturdy walls or fences surrounding it, and many garden supply stores now carry braces and brackets to hang planters. There are a wide selection of flowering plants and greenery available, and some shops have taken the time to create displays to help shoppers with ideas of what might work for their garden. Ivy has lost much of its attraction because it can damage buildings and fences, so pots have been advertised as a damage-free way to create a new dimension to the garden.

Many of the plants offered for this type of d├ęcor have hanging foliage or bright flowers, and they can be arranged in geometric patterns that are pleasing to the eye. People who want the look of a climbing plant without the damage can often find outdoor plants that grow down instead of up, and they see this as an excellent substitute that is easily controlled. Many of these types of trailing vine plants are green, but running the vines around small pots with flowering plants creates the effect of sudden bursts of colour hidden in the foliage.

Gardens are meant to be enjoyed as a serene place where nature is welcome, and planting on the walls hides the man-made design of a garden. Trailing vines mixed with flowers creates the aura of a secret garden, and they can help people escape from the press of civilization just by walking out the back door.