The Art in Nature

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The landscape is often the backdrop of nature’s art. Trees, bushes and grasses are highlighted with beautiful flowers in bright colours. This is art that has not been planned. It grows naturally from the seeds carried by birds and small animals. Natural art is often cherished even though it quickly fades away when the seasons change. That is part of its charm and beauty. There are few people that can look upon a field of wildflowers and not see the art within.

Mankind often prefers art to be controlled and kept in its place. For this reasons, many people prefer to clear out naturally grown bushes, trees and flowers. They then go through the effort of planting the items they want. Whether their garden is formal or not, they choose what will grow. There is art to be seen in this type of endeavour, but it is planned rather than natural. Each artistically arranged part of a garden is cherished for the work that went into creating it.